New artists at The Exploratorium!

Our art and photography museum is growing. Our two newest “image creators” exhibiting are Polyhistor Serpente and hilaire Beaumont. We will be inviting others to ‘show their best’ over the next month. (Yes, we have a list and have been checking it twice!) If you find you need to silently and quietly pass some time browsing, it’s here and waiting. And no admission!

Polyhistor Serpente hanging her best work on Sunday, October 31st.

For those not used to getting around the various FOCUS offerings easily, the Trick is Click — as in find a kiosk like this, pick where you want to go (photo below), click — and whoosh……………….!!!!


We may have Jimmyt49 Dukes performing at the FOCUS event this coming Friday, November 5th (6 pm SLT). He’s an incredibly talented musical legend in Second Life. Shhhhhhh. It’s just a rumor. Don’t tell a soul! It’s just between you and me!

FOCUS: Call for volunteers!

As a very successful team effort that keeps growing and growing, there are ever more ways in which *you* can get involved, working with nice people doing things you want to do. Some can spend an hour or two a week. Great! Others want to spend an hour or two a day. Also great! And yet others just want to be on call for ‘hey would you be interested in doing this’ occasional projects. Great too! The biggest benefit is getting to meet some awesome people — and knowing part of FOCUS’s success is something that wouldn’t have happened without *you*!

Here are some of the groups.

Most but not all of the groups that are being created now! For more information on any of these, contact Wren Carling or Angela Thespian in-world by IM or (if you prefer) by a notecard.

A volunteer meeting took place on Sunday, October 29th, and both Wren (General Manager), and Angela (Founder and CEO), described the plans for the future of FOCUS. The well-attended meeting was a stewpot of great ideas and suggestions. Too late for you to jump in? No way! This is just the beginning!

Our October 29th meeting. You don’t like meetings? No problem. Just sign up for one or more groups and no one will ever expect you to go to any. Easy, peasy!

Exploratorium: More and More!

With the best work of over 30 Second Life artists and photographers on four (soon to be five!) levels, you can spend hours here! And people do that, too!

Invitations to the exhibit were sent today to three select creators of images. We will let you know once they’ve accepted and we have their works on display. Hasta entonces! Until then!

Are you showing off on Flickr? You really should!

As some know, FOCUS Magazine is tied to a Flickr group where you and folks like you can post their creative photographic and artistic output. It’s called “FOCUS Magazine ( Too Sexy for this Group)”. Check it out and if you want to join over 3,600 members who post the images they create in SL, jump on in. The water’s fine!

Joining Flickr — if you’ve never been there before — is not hard. Once you’re there, look us up and start uploading your favorite SL images. The only biggie is no total nudity or graphic content. (If you don’t know what graphic content is ask your best friend. Best friends always know!)

See you on Flickr!

The Exploratorium of Art

With 30 Second Life artists and photographers’ best works on display, this hidden jewel box is a must see in Second Life! There are over 175 images on display — not to mention a sitting area if you and your date or partner tire of wandering about the five levels of works. Currently the Exploratorium is undergoing an expansion and new art is being added. If you haven’t been, this is a great time to see what’s on offer.

FOCUS Magazine, FOCUS Gallery FAIR Gallery Exploratorium of Art, Holly Kai Estates (156, 130, 2726) – Moderate

Friday: The Last Day of FOCUS Photo Fair 2021

This year’s annual two-week long event is drawing to a close. The shops are all open. People are buying and selling awesome photography items, but in the waning hours a lot of attention is on things like music and dancing. After all, it’s the weekend! So as the “gotta buy now before it ends” people hit any one or more of the 60+ vendors’ stalls, others are thinking of other things. As they should…

A thanks to everyone involved in this year’s event: vendors, shoppers, browsers, DJ’s, singers, musicians, and — our gremlins, ghosts, goblins, and sundry others. Yes, them too. Hasta la proxima!

The Last Challenge: Halloween Photos!

The last of our FOCUS Photo Fair challenge themes is “Halloween”. Submit your scary (or amusing) photo by 5 pm SLT, Friday, October 22nd. Simply drop your entry with full permissions into the FOCUS box (on the second floor, FOCUS Photo Fair) before the deadline and your image will go up for voting by the Fickle Friends of FOCUS Fanclub — as soon as the full moon rises and they rise from their dreary weekday lives.

By the way, there’s a cool area in the corner near the dancefloor for you to take your photos. Just don’t disburb the residents. Espcially the one named Yorick. (That’s him on the lower right).